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What to include in the plan?
  • Background and Rationale: prepare some background and an explanation of the reasons for the evaluation. Generally, a clear description about the factors leading up to the evaluation can set the scene, and help to sell it to your stakeholders.
Articulating the reasons for doing the evaluation will also help you to sell the need for doing an evaluation. You need to convince people that it is a smart thing to do. This might help you to access the resources you will need.
Evaluation Design

Several components are involved in this part of the plan.

  • The type of evaluation: Needs Assessment (Analysis), Review, Formative (usability testing), Effectiveness, Maintenance, Impact. These are based on the six facets of evaluation developed by Tom Reeves and John Hedberg in 2003.
  • Evaluation methods: qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. An appropriate mix will ensure triangulation. What is this?
  • Data collection: how will you gather feedback on the innovation?
  • How will you analyse the information you gather?
The Evaluation Cookbook is a useful resource for planning this part of the evaluation.

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The following resources are intended to assist you to understand the subject and can be used in future evaluations that you may have to undertake.