Evaluation for Reflective Practice

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Evaluating to improve your practice is different to the evaluations that are done when designing and developing interactive learning systems. This topic is included here so you can begin to think about how you might monitor and evaluate your teaching practice. Remind yourself about the strategies for doing this previously mentioned in the Dimensions of Reflective Practice.

A useful resource was developed for Ako Aotearoa to support professional, reflective practice. It assists teachers to look at whether the strategies they are using are making a difference to students' learning. "The purpose of this guide is to introduce readers to the idea of collecting data that can be used to inform teaching practices" (Alkema, 2011, p. 3). The focus is on how to collect data to gauge the effectiveness of teaching practice in different situations. The guide's strength lies in showing how inquiry questions about practice can be linked to a variety of data collection methods.

However, the guide does not cover research evaluation design or information about the different types of evaluation that might be used at different stages of curriculum design and development. Read on to find out about this.

A tertiary practitioner's guide to collecting evidence of learner benefit can be downloaded from the Ako Aotearoa website.


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