Scenario 2

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Let's consider another scenario:


Case Study: Brett

Brett is submitting a proposal for some special funding to develop the use of technology in the carpentry course. Specifically, he wants to do the following:

  1. turn some of the department's printed workbooks into e-books;
  2. provide each learner with a tablet computer (such as an iPad) which will be used while off-campus. This will enable students to:
  • read the e-books;
  • take photos of building techniques and tools they come across in the workplace and upload these to their own blog;
  • access the polytechnic's Moodle site to take part in discussion forums on set topics; and
  • complete short theory assessment tasks sent out via email.

Before he submits the proposal, Brett asks you for some input to strengthen the proposal.

OP icon activity.gif


  1. Read the scenario above carefully.
  2. Brett needs you to do three things.
    • Provide some justification for the project in terms of learning theories and models.
    • Identify some of the practical and educational implications.
  3. Start a new discussion topic in the Moodle forum to share your thoughts and recommendations.