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Let's start by considering a simple scenario:


Case Study: Emilia

Emilia receives a phone call from a technology vendor, hoping to sell her department a new e-learning platform. He describes the edTxt system.

  • The course is delivered entirely as small chunks of content delivered to learners via SMS - that is, text messages (txt) on their mobile phone.
  • As well as content to read, learners are sent multiple-choice questions to answer by replying to the SMS (e.g., A, B C or D).
  • An automated system marks the answers to the multiple-choice questions.
  • The system tracks each learner's responses and responds accordingly - for example, if the answers are correct, they get new content. If incorrect, they are re-sent the original content for revision.
  • The teaching and learning process is fully automated, flexible and self-paced. Teachers are only involved in designing and developing the content which is uploaded to the system.
  • The only human interaction involves contact with the help desk if learners need support.

Later, Emilia contacts you for advice about this proposal.

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  1. Read the scenario above carefully.
  2. What sorts of assumptions about learning does this proposed technology make?
  3. Would you recommend that this is an appropriate technology for Emilia's course? Why/why not?
  4. Start a new discussion topic in the Moodle forum to share your thoughts and recommendation.

Note: this is a fictional scenario, based on an original professional development activity by Paul Left: edTxt