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The language of education is about learning activities, session plans and curriculum.

Learning activities provide the context and direction and importantly the process to participate in learning tied to resources and free media, wiki educator being the common denominator to link to and connect educators from around the world.

The activity sheet does not have to be about a technology, it can be about any process, any learning outcome with or without technology a la the capability life based learning approach, wikieducator being a central node and SIMPLE publishing tool to link to.

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Activity sheet example

Here are some examples of linking to learning activities from a wiki educator page:

Learning activities can be mapped against learning outcomes within wiki educator then copied, pasted and re-contextualised by other teachers within their class blog or wiki. Here is an example:

Business value of activity sheets

Hands on activities are the glue that binds curriculum, people and their, application of technology and capability development processes.

  • Sponsoring the authoring of activity sheets in wikieducator is where an educational organisation's IP and services can be marketed.
  • Focus on linking to and authoring resources using free online tools on the open internet. This is where the valuable cost savings, quality, concurrency and professional connections with others and business will be made.