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Participants List

Name Location (Ward) Role
Hon. Rhoda Sikilabu Sigana Minister for Community Affairs
Culwick Stout Sigana Youth Coordinator
Caroline Buddie Tatamba Assistant Youth Coordinator
Ruth Gedi Sisiga PFnet Email Operator
Chris Havi Tatamba Youth Coordinator
Timothy Ravi Buala Youth Member
Paul Tauriki Guguha DLC Supervisor
Ellison Gito Buala Isabel Province Youth Coordinator
Drumond Tagi Kia Youth Coordinator
Cecil Legu Buala President, Youth Council
Joseph Barristar Sigana Assistant Youth Coordinator
Ian Crayford Havulei Youth Member
Alfred Wright Susubona Youth Coordinator
Andre Tipoke Honiara Youth Development Officer, Ministry of Women, Youth and Children's Affairs, and Associate RYC/CYP
Gloria Buala Treasurer, Youth Council

Other collaborating partners

  • Youth Coordinator, Diocese of Ysabel
  • Felistas, Community Service Programme, Ausaid
  • Charles, Save the Children Fund, Isabel
  • Paul Tauriki, Supervisor, Guguha DLC