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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

skype chat with Mervin Mongrel - http://www.mongrelstreet.org (had some trouble loading this today)

About The iStreet Lab

  • prototype / demo developed - Fletcherland
    • programme grew out of the Container Project - a 40-foot shipping container, that Mervin currently works in ~ yes, they have natural light!.
    • the container didn't have wheels, so they came up with another solution to go into the community...
  • launching soon - focus on peace / conflict resolution (youth focus)
    • a lot of street violence in the communities
    • put an intervention in the 'street corners
    • a lot of emotional energy - we give them an opportunity to use those energies to be more productive
    • if you take out that energy, it reduces / eliminates the violence
  • looking to make alliances
    • UNESCO onboard - provided equipment
    • met with University of West Indies - Violence Prevention Alliance (Mervin says they were very interested)
    • discussions with Cable and wireless
    • COL - peace / conflict resolution learning materials (open Educational Resources- OERs)
    • WikiEducator - learn wiki skills
    • links with Banff Centre (Mervin has presented there)
    • Ian Turner?
  • we want to implement the project in different communities

Visiting Street Corners in troubled areas

  1. build creative media, create rhythms - among youths who are doing it anyways
  • live video production
  1. develop skills - use lab and equipment as tryout space
  2. community engagement
    • have the ability to do broadcast FM Radio and Low Band TV (UHF)
    • will enable us to broadcast our own shows or Learning Packages
    • storytelling - already happening


  • garbage van on wheels
  • 5 laptops (i.e., 2 youth per laptop)
  • 2 facilitators

Workshop (1-day)

  • 10 people per workshop - constrained by # of laptops
  • 4-day workshop
    • Day 1 - still recruiting people -
    • Day 2 - skills development - learning the tools to do video production / video production
    • Day 3 -
    • Day 4 -
    • Day 5 - public presentation to the community

Workshop (4-weeks)

  • ideally, 4-week workshop - really get community buy-in and participation
    • est. cost: $5,000 USD to cover all expenses - including meals for all participants, and transportation


  • development of posters
  • development of recruitment strategy - you need to make connections with people on the ground
    • Day 1 - People come by, and are curious - 3 people confirmed
    • Day 2 - People understand what's going on, bring their friends - 5 people confirmed
    • Day 3 - Full complement of committed persons


  • Fletchersland videos will go online by Nov. 2008
  • No. of workshops
  • No. of people trained - video, wiki, etc.
  • Posters
  • Stories, videos, learning packages