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Dear Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the course so far. A note for anyone who may have fallen a little behind, don't give up, the finishing line is in sight! We are more than half way through the course.

Lets proceed with the instructions for Day 7, some of you may be ahead of us due to different time zones!!

Today is a little more relaxed so use this time to catch up on images. To be fair, images are perhaps the most complicated aspect in the wiki because it involves uploading files to the WikiEducator server. Once you have mastered images you are well on your way to achieving success!

There have been some concerns among the educators about the openness of wiki editing. However, a wiki is a powerful technology designed for mass collaboration.

In Wikieducator, every edit is recorded, as well as any images uploaded to the site which means we can restore or revert any changes made to a page. Hence, do not hesitate to experiment with your user pages and the text or images on your page.

Tip: We are sure you are getting into your userpages. You are further requested to add your details to the INFOBOX which is on the top of your page. You can put your photograph there too. For guidance, here is the help link on INFOBOX EDITING HELP http://wikieducator.org/User:Rcsharma/infobox_editing

Try uploading images, resizing them, add text and try different kinds of formatting, bullets or numbering etc.

Instructions for Day 7

Today, you should work through Tutorial 7 Collaborative Editing (http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_rich_text_editor_tutorials/Collaborative_editing)where you will learn a few neat tricks on how to monitor activity in the wiki; You will also learn how to revert an edit which you should practice on your user page.

We're looking forward to our next assignment where we will use one of our communication tools in the wiki. Please do your best to update your user page today as we will ask participants from this group to provide feedback and suggestions on our respective user pages in the wiki using these communication tools.


Several of the learning contract projects listed in the discussion on ideas for Learning Contract projects (see http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C54/Learning_Contract_Project) are open to collaborative edits by course participants. Take a look and join in!

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial for today's session is available at http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C55/Workshop_schedule#Instructions_for_Day_7

Enjoy your day and workshop activities.

Your Facilitators

Anil and Ramesh