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Hallo everyone.

A special word of welcome to all participants who have just joined the workshop -- you are now part of the world's largest initiative to build wiki skills for education. Friday's activities are purposefully designed to create a gap for those who may need a little time to catch up on the first two days work smile. If you have fallen a little behind, we have the advantage of the weekend to catch up. All you will need is about an hour to work through the activities for the first three days.

It's great to see folk introducing themselves in the wiki :-) -- Do take a look. eL4C51 Introductions

I see that that our Introduction page has recorded a lot of page views! This means colleagues are reading the wiki pages and meeting new friends from 42 different countries smile. Don't be shy -- join in and get your feet wet. Don't be missed by your absence.

If you get stuck -- just post your question in the wiki here, so we can all learn from each other: eL4C51 General forum

Today we will show you how edit your user preferences and ask you to complete our New user survey -- shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. See: eL4c51 Workshop Schedule (Click on the link for Day 3).

Remember the best page to keep track and keep up to date with the workshop is the course homepage: eL4C Homepage

Your international facilitation team.