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Workshop Report

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


Previous days

Testing innovations

  • Discussion pages were rearranged into a single Wiki discussions page containing a table with links to several discussion subpages, following a similar format of forums.
  • Rob developed a script for automatically moving individual registering forms generated by participants from page Register to Participants list.
  • Started workshop page Facilitators Workroom. Page serves as a resource for facilitators to share ideas, tips, suggestions, comments, issues, etc. regarding to the workshop.
  • Rob developed a useful template for pre-filling participants' pages with headings, infobox, welcome message and Categories in the same template.
  • Added a new column to Participants List: "User Contributions". Information provided in this report allow Facilitators and others to keep track of recent edits of participant. A very helpful information for assessing activity on the group. The page also shows the evidence of each participant's registration to the workshop, excepting for those participants who have been added directly to the List by:
    • Lead facilitator (participants who sent registration data via email and requested to be added to the list).
    • themselves.
  • Developed a flash banner for advertising the workshop inside and outside WikiEducator.

Tue 20 Oct, 2009

  • Added participant's email addresses (retrieved from Participants List) to Google List.
  • Started development of document: "[EL4C31] Getting Ready for eL4C31" at Google Docs. Invitations to Nellie, Rob and Sanjay were sent. Facilitators revised and improved draft.

Wed 21 Oct, 2009

  • "[EL4C31] Getting Ready for eL4C31" message was sent to Google List.

Thr 22 Oct, 2009

  • Added more email addresses to Google List
  • Received response from Erina Muir (who registered for eL4C31 on Oct. 7, 2009) requesting to be unsubscribed from the workshop. She was removed from Google List and from Participants List.

Fri 23 Oct, 2009

  • Participant Driss Moumane requested her email address to be changed to as her email address for the workshop. Task done.

Fri 23 Oct, 2009

  • Topic: "Copyright Law" by Dr. Bob Diotalevi.
  • Moderator: Nellie
  • Time: 7:00(CST), 12:00(GMT)

Workshop Statistics

Expected Outcomes

Comments and Recommendations

Lessons Learned



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