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(Comment.gif: Dear all. As a friend of Uganda WE Community, i write to weelcome you all to the world of WikiEducator. During this period, your facilitator will lead you all through great experiences, but the whole world wide ecommunity of WikiZens are watching your progress. From today, i will attempt to go through all your pages and start awarding certificates. For any further information, leave me a note in my talk page.


--Victor P. K. Mensah 16:16, 29 January 2009 (UTC))

Workshop Reports



List of Registered Participants

Uganda Vincent Kizza Male Gayaza High School Teacher vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk +256-0712312130 FACILITATOR
Uganda Zachary Olum Male Mwanga 1 s.s Teacher olum_zachary@yahoo.co.uk Signed.
Uganda Paul Katiti Male Bugema S.S teacher pkatiti@yahoo.co.uk +256772433879 Signed.
Uganda Barrow Sentamu Male Mwanga 1 S.S Teacher barrow_sentamu@yahoo.co.uk 256-0712450122 Signed.
Uganda Dan Seruwu Male Cafe scientifique ICT Teacher dseruwu@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782344596 Signed.
Uganda Sam Ongom Male Cafe scientifique ICT instructor samongom@yahoo.co.uk 256-0752134879 Signed.
Uganda Tony Busingye Female Mwanga 1 S.S Physics teacher tonybusingye@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782361888 Signed.
Uganda Joyce Owino Female Bugema S.S Teacher joycowino@yahoo.co.uk 256-0774562177 Signed.
Uganda Zillan Oonyu Female Cafe scientifique Teacher zoonyu@yahoo.co.uk 256-0774234410 Signed.
Uganda Olivia Angom Female Gayaza Road High School teacher oangom@yahoo.co.uk 256-0412336710 Signed.
Uganda Rita Nsiima Female Gayaza Road High School Teacher rinsiima@yahoo.co.uk 256-0754812267 Signed.
Uganda Simon Lwegaba Male Gayaza Road high school Teacher lwegabasimon@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782352768 Signed.
Uganda Joseph Kapkwom Male Mwanga 1 S.S Teacher jkapkwom@yahoo.co.uk 256-0712834521 Signed.
Uganda Julius Otellu Male Nile High School Teacher jotellu@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782134561 Signed.
Uganda Peter Mukosi Male Budo S.S Teacher mukosi_peter@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782541981 Signed.
Uganda Deus Waggala Male Budo S.S Teacher waggaladeus@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782541879 Signed.
Uganda Pius Bwogi Male Mwanga 1 S.S Teacher bwogipius@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782312130 Signed.
Uganda Monica Nayiga Female Cafe scientifique Teacher nayigamonica@yahoo.co.uk 256-0775331145 Signed.
Uganda Anita Nakazinga Female Mackay High School Teacher nakazingaanita@yahoo.co.uk 256-0785422566 Signed.
Uganda Edrine Lwanga Male Mackay High School Teacher lwangaedrine@yahoo.co.uk 256-0782567318 Signed.
Uganda Juliana Nakasolya Female Gayaza Road High SCHOOL Teacher nakasolyajuliana@yahoo.co.uk 256-0785678129 Signed.
Uganda Edward Matovu Male Cafe scientifique Teacher edwardmatovu@yahoo.co.uk 256-0772145145 Signed.

  • Country of Residence: Uganda
  • First name:Vincent
  • Last name:Kizza
  • Gender:Male
  • Organization:Gayaza High School
  • Title/Position:Facilitator
  • Email address:vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk
  • Phone number (including country code):256-0712312130

  • Country of Residence:trial
  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Gender:
  • Organization:
  • Title/Position:
  • Email address:
  • WikiEducator username (case sensitive):