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The following bullet points illlustrate points which support both open and closed authoring.

Advantages for Open Authoring

  • Sharing of quality information in terms of updated information and technology
  • Strengthens and enhances the partnership in dealing with issues affecting a certain phenomenan
  • Improves the quality of the content of a certain material due to contributions from sources
  • Unlimitted providers of information
  • Huge pool of knowlege and skills to choose from freely given or contributed by others who are willing to share or contribute freely.
  • Enables professionals to share knowlege and skills to amass of people.
  • Easy access to contents with no time and geographical barriers.
  • Network with other groups of people who have similar profession,interest and need.


  • Lack of ownership
  • Quality is compromised
  • High Risk of Plagiarism
  • Not commercially viable
  • Culturally biased
  • Limited source of information
  • Anybody can edit and make changes.
  • vulnerable to vandalism
  • Less control on quality