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What are thoughts on the matter and ask your advice on how to best proceed in publicizing, planning, and implementing such a course. For example, could I plan a similar WE course as you have done in L4C workshops as a subpage of mine? Or some other way?

Promoting L4C Wiki Skills Training

  • part of the L4C family of workshops
  • funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • thousands of educators trained from 75 countries
  • WikiEd is a top 100,000 website, with 9,000 educators globally, and 7,500 unique site visits per day.
  • free (media) wiki skills - these skills useful for any mediawiki software, including Wikipedia
  • focus on open education resources (OERs) - shareable, re-usable, modifiable - for local cultures, contexts and media formats
  • project of the International Centre for Open Education in NZ
  • see WikiEducator Value Proposition
  • Other ideas, pls. read this Google Thread

Sample Promo Message

(Comment.gif: Any part or all of this content can be changed, modified, or adapted for your needs. Randy Fisher 16:19, 3 May 2009 (UTC))

Just a reminder. A last call for folk interested in acquiring wiki skills during our pilot online workshop: 28 January to 8 February 2008. Please spread the word - send emails to your friends and blog about the project <smile>.

Lets make WikiEducator the fastest growing educational wiki in the world!



(Check out our promotional video developed using the Kaltura video editing function)

You can point friends and colleagues to register here:


See details below.

Cheers Wayne

Details about the pilot L4C online workshop:

WikiEducator launches the pilot online workshop of the Learning4Content initiative. We hope to schedule at least one online workshop every calendar month. Later we plan to extend the Learning4Content project by arranging for 160 face-to-face workshops in 52 countries.

If you know of anyone who would like to learn or brush up on their wiki skills -- please forward this announcement.

The deal is that WIkiEducator provides free training --- participants sign a learning contract to donate one lesson or similar free content resource back to the community.

Should be fun. Any help in facilitating and arranging future workshops is greatly appreciated.

Facilitators Resources

Workshop Venue, Logistics & Facilities

(Comment.gif: Contact the host organization well in advance to ensure a successful workshop experience - for learners, institution and the facilitator.)

Workshop Facilities


Ideally, I will need the following:

  • Official Invitation (on corporate letterhead, with signing authority)
    • Contact numbers (i.e., institution, authorities, security, copy centre)
    • Assistant (to co-facilitate, help out when needed)
    • Security pass
    • Parking pass (info)
    • Directions & Transportation info
  • Room (for designated hours / days)
    • with air conditioning (that works)
    • with blinds/shades (that work)
    • key(s) to the room
  • Projector, screen, remote control, laser pointer (verify that these items work; otherwise replace non-functioning elements, or arrange for new items to be supplied)
    • technician available (including hours, contact numbers)
    • electrical extension cord(s)
    • reliable electrical supply (OR, notice as to when the electrical supply is operational)
  • Signage (room) and directions (location map, and location within institution)
  • Wall clock (not digital)
  • Flip chart, masking tape, markers, paper, pens, pencils (sharpeners)
    • Name tags (i.e., labels, and ones that sit on desk in front of person)
    • post-it-notes, thumbtacks
    • bottled water, refreshments
    • Whiteboard and pens
  • Photocopier (access to, location of)
    • Photocopied documents, handouts, course guide / manual/booklets (bound) - enough copies
    • Paper clips, butterfly clips/clasps
    • Photocopier key/counter, appropriate approval/permissions
  • Flash drive loaded with all the workshop resources
  • Digital camera, SIM Card (empty), fresh batteries (extra set)
  • Video camera (charged), tape / hard drive, tripod)
  • Microphone (if necessary)
  • Speakers (PC), floor tape for wires
  • USB cables (extra)
  • Cellphone (charged, for external calls)


The host organization is responsible for providing lunch and snacks/refreshments. It's important to provide some breathing space and break the sessions for refreshment.

  • Lunch
  • Tea/coffee
  • Snack
  • Cups, utensils
  • Napkins
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Snacks

Information Technology issues

The venue must have facilities suitable for up to 20 participants, including a computer for each participant with Internet connection. In practice this means a broadband connection. Be prepared, and... expect the unexpected!!


  • Any computer
  • Internet browser installed
  • UPS devices for each computer are strongly (to avoid losing hard work, during power surges, otuages)
  • OpenOffice 2.3+ and Adobe Acrobat Reader are useful (These can be installed prior to workshop start).


  • WikiEducator will work fine on all common browsers and operating systems.
  • Java (up-to-date version) should be enabled in the browser to allow use of the Rich Text Editor.
  • If possible, install OpenOffice 2.3+ on each computer in advance.

Internet Access

  • Each computer PLUS the Facilitator's computer requires Internet Access.
  • A shared 256 kbps connection is more than sufficient; with care it can even be workable with a 128kbps connection.
  • If no Internet access is available, it is still possible to train people using a Wiki installed on a local server. However, this will severely impair workshop quality.

Inform & Liase with the IT Department

  • Inform your organization Host as per your requirements (written, via email)
  • Inform the IT Department as per requirements.
  • Verify time, date and equipment with IT department
  • Obtain contact person's name, contact info and availability (a different person may be available during the workshop), and person's name (on-call) to assist when required.
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Tip: IT Department Access Policies

The workshop venue may be a government department or an educational organization with an IT access policy that is enforced through the use of user accounts and firewalls. It is important to contact host organization in advance to identify anything that needs to be configured by the IT department in advance.

If an IT Policy is enforced, make sure the following are successfully configured:

  • All participants have a current user account with Internet access privileges
  • I have an account as a workshop facilitator
  • What the IT department's proxy and SMTP settings are, if any, so that I can configure my own computer upon my arrival, without delay.
  • A list of websites that I will be visiting during the workshop that will NOT be blocked by the firewall (see list below)
  • Question: If the participants are using Web Mail / Gmail / Yahoo email accounts, can the firewall policy be configured to temporarily allow these sites for the workshop?

My Computer / Laptop (Facilitator)

The Facilitator may plan to use his/her laptop in the workshop, or use one provided by the host organization. If I will be using my own laptop, I can pre-configure it before the workshop.

Icon present.gif
Tip: Laptop Configuration Tips

It will help if you have everything easily at hand when you run the workshop.

  • Have a folder, maybe on the desktop, with all your slide shows and resources in one place, arranged in sub-folders. This makes it easy to produce copies for people, or to transfer to another computer if needed, using a flash drive. If you are not bringing your own computer to the workshop, have all the resources on a flash drive or CD.
  • External mouse
  • Download both pdf and odt formats of resource documents (listed below)
  • Run through your presentations for each session and lesson of the workshop, and bookmark all the websites you plan to use. This includes important pages of the WikiEducator, so that you don't have to search or type in URLs but can jump quickly to the desired page. This is easily done using Firefox's Bookmark menu. Create a bookmark folder for your workshop and save all the important sites in it. You can start with the suggestions in the "Web Resources" below.
  • If you are not using your own computer - and even if you are, it is a good idea in case you have to transfer to another machine - you can quickly copy all the bookmarks to another computer using the MozBackup utility. Regardless of whether you are bringing your own computer, run MozBackup and backup your default Firefox profile and save it with your resource files.
  • Install Open Office version 2.3 or higher. (I can also bring the install file on a flash drive or CD, if not using my laptop.)
  • Firefox is the most convenient browser to use. For this reason, download the latest version of the Firefox install file in case you have to switch computers.