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Measuring success

The origins of this page were inspired by a list of questions Kim Tucker posted on the L4C-Workshop list during the pilot online workshop. We hope that the list of questions and reflections from the WikiEducator community will grow as the project continues.

How do we measure success?

What are the key performance indicators for success?

  • The WikiEducator project is successful when we have achieved a self-sustaining ecosystem. Performance indicators include:
    • Financial contributions from institutions to support the technical infrastructure of the WikiEducator project
    • In kind contributions where institutions allocate staff time or full time equivalents (FTEs) to the development of educational resources. Thus time spent on WikiEducator is recognised is an official responsibility in the respective work plans and job descriptions of selected staff.
    • Educational institutions incorporate training in using WikiEducator as part of their official professional development programmes
    • The growth of national WikiEducator hubs as represented by the respecitive country pages.
      • Countries develop national plans and projects
      • Countries establish and build networks
      • Countries organise WikiEducator conferences and meetings
    • The number of learning hours in official courses using teaching materials developed on WikiEducator.
  • Measuring the conversion rate of active contributors in WikiEducator. That is, increasing the ratio of active contributors expressed in terms of the number of user accounts in WikiEducator
    • When the L4C project started our conversion rate of active contributors was about 10% of registered account holders in WikiEducator.
    • Appropriately 30% of registered participants for the L4C pilot workshop submitted Learning Contracts. Hopefully the conversion rate of active contributors will increase as a result of the requirement to produce a teaching resource for the project.

How do we measure successful completion and progress of L4C participants?

  • The ratio of participants who attain the certification of WikiBuddy
  • The ratio of learning contracts successfully completed

How do we measure the contributions to the WikiEducator project beyond the development of wiki pages?

We need to think about what this contributions are, how we will know about them and how to measure them?

  • Promoting the WikiEducator project as a WikiAmbassador and recording these contributions on the relevant page
  • Manager and leaders who take the initiative to host a L4C initiative by donating access to their computer laboratory for training.

How should we refine and improve our L4C strategy and approach?

This question relates to the workload demands of individuals in real working situations.

  • What is realistic to expect of people who register for an L4C workshop? Twenty minutes per day may be unrealistic. Two weeks may be too short. What if a participant falls behind?

Suggested strategy

  • Encourage participants who fall behind to enrol for the next online workshop or to complete the tutorials as a self study exercise.