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  • Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Fear and resistance
  • Social entrepreneurship - women
  • Leading change and transition
  • http://wikieducator.org/Community_Journalism/Ideas
  • Change and Results
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation; capacity building (NGO) and leadership (corporate)
  • volunteer several hours at favourite charity; write about your accomplishment
  • Sustainability and Environment


  • Actions & Projects - stakeholder engagement, buy-in and implementation (which includes learning communities, TORs, services
  • learning, results
  • NGO - pan, national, international (partners, alliances, culture; change, then transition)
  • current program / project implementation - stakeholder engagement, buy-in, change / transition
  • results + Social Media/LCs (community engagement)
  • methodology: 3-Os + OD
  • internal partnering: Human Resources & OD - Mark


  • Educause
  • The strategic objectives of CON-RCO are:
  1. Knowledge Translation: To promote exchanges between researchers, health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders that yield innovative and effective obesity prevention and treatment solutions.
  2. Capacity Building: To increase interdisciplinary capacity among future obesity researchers and health professionals in Canada.
  3. Networking / Partnerships: To create key intersectoral, national and international partnerships with stakeholders to translate research, build capacity and generate solutions to fight the obesity epidemic.


  • VM, intro - advice, ideas/dialogue, objective, discovery
  • recent grad and/or performance: Intsl/WE exper & ProgImp + Particip. Collab, ACE, ActLrn results, L&D, OD/Change Transition rally folks / engage / mobilize, social media, AI, Healthy Conversations, etc.
  • language mapping & bios, resumes (progression)
  • leadership, LC's, mentor development, capacity, etc.
  • initial screen (resources (who's doing what, funding/resources, etc.)
  • qualify - then, in-person meet (if possible)
  • note: value, energy, discovery, insight. alignment, match




Teamwork & Leadership: Encouraging and valuing the participation and involvement of everyone on the team. Ability to lead and foster positive productive relationships at all levels of seniority with colleagues from within the organization and externally. Capacity to establish and expand a network of contacts to be drawn upon in support of executing the mission. Bringing conflicts and disagreements into the open and attempting to resolve them collaboratively.

Building Bonds: Ability to build coalitions internally. Valuing diversity of all types (i.e., gender, race, class, culture, personality types) while building and maintaining positive relationships and networks with all stakeholders. This is demonstrated by encouraging and taking into account different perspectives and experiences of others.

Communication skills: Ability to convey concise, well articulated and accurate information (written and verbal), tailored appropriately to audiences, and to all levels of seniority. Strong written and verbal presentation skills, particularly capacity to communicate complex and technical issues in simple terms.

Initiative and Drive for Results: Acting independently and resourcefully in response to work demands. Demonstrating motivation to produce quality, and acting with a sense of urgency to meet the objectives of the organization and its member countries.


Shadow Character

  • Alain - workplace learning, environmental scan, notes, observer-value-add
  • 1 day - observer/add value (no charge) - learning / investment - 'specializing in change/transition management', performance, learning, collaboration and implementation
    • investment in colleagues, clients, etc.
  • business debrief with Alain --> next steps
Offramp etc., Roger
  • David - environmental scans


  • strengthened relationships - Alain, Client (knowledge)
  • learn, observe facilitation - see colleagues in action! (Alain)
  • environment knowledge (Client)
  • business development opportunity
  • separate project (budget)
  • shared commission (work it out)

Bring A Friend

  • ID challenges - first - broader conversation
  • develop this further


  • intro self + skills
  • if not me - what are your challenges / priorities - my WE / Intersol network

Links & Resources