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Civic Intelligence


  1. Source of current image (of the book patterns)?


  1. Through the Pillars - Alwyn Maynard
  2. Roman aqueduct in grain field
  3. Acueducto1 Lou - Nicolás Pérez
  4. More aqueducts (if you like the idea of an aqueduct for this card).
  5. Delphi
  6. Snowmen demonstrating against global warming in Helsinki - H. Pellikka
    • Actually looking for suitably licensed versions of this scene.
  7. Yunnan solar panel - what citizens can do ... (actually looking for an aerial view of a village with many houses with solar panels and reservoirs for rain from roofs)
  8. SunGen Sharon Solar 5
  9. Middelgrunden wind farm
  10. Puy de Dome, Mercury temple
  11. John Dewey
  12. Rosa Parks