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In this section we outline a number of scenarios in which interoperability is required. The technical details in these scenarios have been deliberately left vague or are simplified in order to avoid over-complicating the user story and to resist writing a technical solution into the scenario when alternative approaches are possible to achieve the same ends and the implementation details are yet to be decided. Feel free to add additional scenarios to this page or any major variations on those presented here.

Scenario 1: simple scenario outlining export of some structured content from the LMS to the ePortfolio
Student A, in Year 12, is working in her LMS system in which she has just received excelllent feedback on her assignment from her art teacher. The assignment consists of a web-page containing a digital image of her latest piece of digital art with her own commentary on the meaning of the piece and the rationale for the approach and techniques she has used. The teacher's feedback is on a separate web-page accessed through a comment link at the bottom of the page. She wants to save it to her ePortfolio in MyPortfolio, so she clicks on the “Save to MyPortfolio” link which is in her sidebar. The LMS packages the required items (the content page text, the photograph and the comment page text) for transport. The LMS contacts the myPortfolio server with a request to post the content to Student A's space. MyPortfolio checks the credentials contained in the request, accepts the content and then sends a response that the content transfer has been successful. MyPortfolio then unpacks the content, works out where to put the resources and then prepares the content for display next time Student A logs in to MyPortfolio herself.

Scenario 2: a scenario in which a MyPortfolio view is submitted for assessment to the LMS
Student B, in Year 11 has completed a 15 week science research project on water quality in the local waterways. He has gathered and documented all his evidence in his MyPortfolio he has provided a view to stakeholders (including interviewees, experts and his teacher) for comment and feedback. Finally he converts into a view for assessment purposes and wishes to submit it into the teacher's space in the school LMS system. He logs-in to the LMS and sends MYPortfolio a request to export the assessment view to the teacher's space in the LMS. Optionally a mechanism (e.g. xml-signatures) could be employed to ensure that the export is not tampered with after submission.

Scenario 3: a scenario in which a MyPortfolio view is updated and the teacher and parent are both notfified of the change via the LMS and Parent Portal repsectively
Student C, a Year 8 at intermediate school has just added a video of her playing her Grade 4 flute piece, flawlessly (she's a flawless flautist) to her ePortfolio and then assigned it to a view for her music teacher and her parents to view. MyPortfolio sends notification messages to both the LMS for the teacher and to the Parent Portal. The notifications simply contain the name of Student C, the name of the view, and a URI to the view itself. Her parents can access the view content after being authenticated in the Parent Portal environment to provide security.