Functional Requirements

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  1. Students can export content to MyPortfolio from the LMS.
  2. Students can export content to their own space in the LMS from MyPortfolio
  3. Students can export a view from MyPortfolio to the teacher's space within the LMS for assessment
  4. Exported content should be displayed in the recipient system in a way that remains as faithful as possible to the original content structure The integrity of hyperlinks and original structuring information should be maintained. The receiving system should degrade the content gracefully if it is not possible to display it
  5. Notifications of updates to MyPortfolio are provided to the Teacher in the LMS environment and to the Parents in the Parent Portal
  6. Parents can access the content of a MyPortfolio they have been assigned through the Parent Portal
  7. Single Sign On to MyPortfolio is provided from the LMS
  8. Student accounts in MyPortfolio can be provisioned from the LMS
  9. A mechanism is provided for versioning exported content whilst still allowing it to be appended with comments.