Proposal for Action: Open schools

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Name of proposal

Development of OER institutional policies for open schools

Aims of the activity (longer term)

  • Encouraging and supporting open schools to develop quality education frameworks through use of OERs
  • Developing mechanisms to support the adoption and implementation of OER
  • Encourage institutions to implement policies which prioritise reuse of existing OER when developing new courses and educational content.

Objectives of the activity (short term)

  • Implementing activities to support OER advocacy for all open school stakeholders
  • Implementing activities to support capability development in all aspects relating to OER and open education practices
  • Refining intellectual property policies for OER
  • Implementing activities to support OER course design and development

Narrative summary of what will be done

  • Conduct an inventory of existing OER and open policies
  • Develop draft institutional policies
  • Conduct consultative institutional workshops to negotiate and adopt policy refinements for open education
  • Sharing experiences with the open school network
  • Facilitating capability development policies for OER and initiating relevant activities for capability development
  • Identifying relevant stakeholders
  • Promoting institutional commitment for integrating OER for selected courses from Head of institutions, senior management teams and course coordinators.

What inputs are required?

  • Consultation with COL
  • Existing OER and other relevant policies from other institutions
  • Existing policies with regard to course development
  • Existing intellectual policies of different organisations

Group decisions for this activity including who and when

  • Follow up of discussions with the heads of institutions, senior management, COMOSA, President and senior management team of COL: Deadline: March 2014
  • Draft institutional policies submitted to Wayne Mackintosh for feedback: 31 July 2013.
  • Group webinar: 19th August 2013
  • Webinar arranged for heads of open schools: Francis (1st Week of July 2013)
  • Peer review of process: 20-25 November 2013