Proposal for Action: Ministry of Education

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Name of proposal

Policy Guidelines for Open Education Resources (OER)

Aims of the activity (longer term)

  • Formulate a common policy framework for OER
  • Establish a standard reference point on OER content rights

Objectives of the activity (short term)

  • Provide guidance on how to integrate OER principles into relevant policies
  • Sensitisation of stakeholders on OER principles and guidelines

Narrative summary of what will be done

To introduce the concept of OER into education and training, establish a steering committee, sensitize stakeholders and build capacity. Develop guidelines on OER with reference to existing education policy.

What inputs are required?

  • Consolidate available and other resources,
  • Resource Persons
  • Institutional support and facilitation
  • Supportive networks and partnerships

Group decisions for this activity including who and when

Establishing drafting team

No Activity Timeline resources Responsibility
1 Sensitisation
  1. Education Managers
  2. HOD
  3. H/SAGAs
June 2013 MOE/TC
2 Creation of a steering committee June Symposium
3 Drafting of Framework July
4 Validation Exercise (Input, Amend, Review and Harmonise) August 2013 MOE/TC- Stakeholders
5 Adoption and Legislation Sept 2013 Cabinet Secretary
6 Implementation Oct 2013- Jan 2014 Steering Committee
7 Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Feb 2014 Steering Committee