Jennifer Sylves

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  • English teacher at Trinity High School in Western Pennsyvania
  • Works with Nancy Hoffman, fellow teacher.
  • Presented a workshop to teachers about wikis in the classroom in 2009



Wiki workshops offered at Journey to Learn in 2009. Teachers claim wikis are an invaluable teaching tool.

Jennifer Sylves uses Wikis for class projects because:

  • the web-based collaboration sites of wikis help students with organization
  • wikis create a sense of “individual accountability
  • wikis create a sense of interdependence among the students.

Teaching with wikis can draw together students who might not otherwise interact and help lower-achieving students contribute on an even footing with students who excel, said Jennifer Sylves, an English teacher in western Pennsylvania's Trinity High School. “They (wikis) give everyone a meaningful task, so they (wikis) level the playing field.”

Jennifer Sylves finds wikis an invaluable teaching tool. She and a colleague, Nancy Hoffman, who teaches math and computer science, presented a workshop about Wikis to peers from across the region as part of The Consortium for Public Education’s 2009 Journey to Learn. Journey to Learn is a regional in-service day for teachers to share best practices across district lines.