Java EE7 and the Cloud

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Java EE7 in the Cloud
Convenor: Dimitris Andreadis
  • Joao Schim

An interesting 1-to-1 discussion with Jao on the subject of the future of Java EE, by means of the Java EE7 specification which is currently in the works. Java EE7 essentially enables Java EE for PaaS usage (Platform as a Service).

  • Although Java EE provides an excellent base for cloud applications and you can use Java EE in the cloud today there is certainly a lot more work required to provide you with truly portable options and that makes the work on Java EE 7 all the more relevant.
  • For more information take a look at this talk: Java EE7 in the Cloud. The talk emphasizes on the importance of PaaS, gives examples of existing Java PaaS offerings and then moves on to describe the current status of Java EE with regards to the cloud and where things are going with Java EE7. It also includes references on what we are working on at JBoss/Red Hat in order to make JBoss AS more appealing to cloud users, especially with the ongoing work on AS7.