JavaFX The future of desktop Java

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JavaFX: The future of Desktop Java?
Convenor: Sven
  • Phil
  • Steffen
  • Anreas Gellendin
  • Stylianos Ntilis
  • Nik Peletekis
  • Questions
    • What is necessary for making Java successful on the desktop?
    • Is Java on the desktop dead?
  • Discussion about requirements for desktop Java
    • Chart Graphics (e.g. for trading views in finance business)
    • 3D / OpenGL => JOGL
    • RCP Framework seems necessary to succeed building large applications
    • Is all about standards (some companies do not like to depend on not standardized technologies)
  • Answers
    • Java on the desktop is alive and kicking
    • JavaFX 2.x (or later versions) will help shape the future
  • Further Questions
    • Can JavaFX 2.0 and JOGL be combined