Mobile Development: Android, HTML5

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Mobile Development: Android, HTML5
Convenor: Fabian, Ioannis
  • James Scobbie
  • Ioannis Kostaras
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Mobile Development: Android, HTML5 - JCrete2014

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Discussion about

  • native apps VS html5
  • Android UX
  • Android unit tests
  • Android tools and libraries

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A Quiz:

You are implementing an Android SDK for analytics purposes that will be distributed to developers as an Android library or module project. The developer’s application should depend on the library in order to allow instantiation of SDK. The process of instantiation should be as simple as adding one line of code in the starting activity of the Android app.

Describe the general architecture and propose frameworks and libraries should be used.

In general the SDK is responsible for:

  • Capturing events when specific methods are called
  • Capturing values passed as arguments in the methods
  • Loading a configuration including rules of which methods and arguments should be captured
  • Offload captured events to a server, when network is available


  • The configuration is loaded by calling a web service and can be changed dynamically from a web admin
  • You are not allowed to re-publish your APK in order to apply any changes regarding the rules in your configuration
  • The developer should instatiate the SDK with just one line of code in the starting activity, and no more lines should be added to any other methods in source code.

Further information on tools discussed at the session:

Android UX

Unit tests

Android libraries

  • Volley
  • Picasso
  • AChartengine
  • CircleImageView