Profilers: How do you use them?

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Profilers: How do you use them?
Convenor: Anton Arhipov
  • Chris Newland
  • Ivan Krylov
  • Alexey Abashev
  • Sven Ruppert
  • Alex Bischof
  • Jan Kotek
  • ...
Profilers: How do you use them? - JCrete2014

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The most common scenario for profiler usage: There's one-two persons in the development team who know how to apply profilers and how to read the information that profilers expose. The profiler is most likely to be used when there's a performance regression, after the application is deployed to production system. However, profilers are less likely to be used at early development stages.

The most popular profilers:

Anton was also talking about XRebel - the new profiler for Java web applications.The idea is that profiler could be used during the development flow as opposed to post-deployment activity.

Application profiling scenarios: Sampling - used to get an overview of performance characteristics of the running application. Tracing - causes high performance overhead, instruments Java classes in VM.


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