HotSpot Just in Time Compilation

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HotSpot Just in Time Compilation
Convenor: Chris Newland
  • Jesper Udby
  • James Scobbie
  • Heinz Kabutz
  • Jean-Phillipe BEMPEL
  • Christoph Engelbert
  • Fabian Lange
  • Giorgos Saslis
  • Melissa McKay
  • Ignasi Marimon-Clos
  • Stephen Schafer
  • Marc Hoffman
  • Ivan Krylov
  • Jan Kotek
  • Marek Nowicki
HotSpot Just in Time Compilation - JCrete2014

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The core of the talk was Chris Newland's presentation on the behaviour of HotSpot's C1/C2 JIT compilers along with the visualization tool JITWatch.

The discussion then opened up to JIT and performance related questions and answers.

Heinz Kabutz showed an example program which OOM'd under Java 7 but not under Java 8 due to JIT behaviours.


Slides from the session:

JITWatch is a free open source project available on GitHub