From Feature 2 Code (Scrum, NB RCP, Featureous)

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From Feature 2 Code (Scrum, NB RCP, Featureous)
Convenor: Ioannis Kostaras
From Feature 2 Code (Scrum, NB RCP, Featureous) - JCrete2014

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The discussion was based on Ioannis' presentation and demonstration of featureous in action. Featureous allows you to analyse how cleanly features are mapped in your Java code and gives you hints to remodularise them. Featureous ties nicely into the Scrum methodology, where software development is done based on a product backlog which contains features. Identified Scrum features can then be mapped to NetBeans RCP modules. Presentation File:From Feature to Code.pdf. Example application:

  • Featureous doesn't work with NetBeans Rich Client Platform projects. It would be useful if it did for a number of reasons, e.g. regression, to verify that an RCP application has been modularized correctly etc.