JCrete2013:Understanding HotSpot Logs

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Understanding HotSpot Logs
Convenor: Chris Newland
  • Marc Hoffmann
  • Ian Phillips
  • Sven Reimers
  • Rabea Gransberger
  • Angelo D'Agnano
  • Dmitry Jeremov
  • Maurice Naftalin
  • Andres Almiray
  • Uberto Barbini
  • Marek Nowicki
  • Ioannis-Aristotelis Kotopoulos
  • Stelios Ntilis

Can't remember everyone who was present so please fill in your names :)

Understanding HotSpot logs - JCrete2013

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Download: .ogg

Chris presented a set of slides to introduce beginners to getting HotSpot logs from their JVM and how to interpret the results. Questions were taken through the presentation and the discussion progressed to possible new HotSpot features for persisting native code.
A show of hands indicated that 4 out of 15 participants had experience of generating the HotSpot log.


Investigate your own hotspot.log files using jitwatch JITWatch on GitHub