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TDD Pair Programming + other
Convenor: Richard Barry
  • Jürgen Strobeö
  • Giorgos Saslis
  • Stelios Ntilis
  • + 5 more
Day 3, Session 3 - TDD, pair programming and why we don't use them - JCrete2013

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When a project comes under time pressure, sometimes good practices like TDD, Code Reviews, Pair Programming and Unit Tests are neglected in an effort to save development time. The discussion was on why this happens, and how we can prevent this.

It was proposed, but not agreed upon, that if the client is unwilling to pay for tests and the project is sold without them, creating tests internally will help to deliver on schedule even for small projects.

  • It's firstly a sales problem before it becomes a dev process problem : The client needs to be convinced of the benefits of these good practices from the start.
  • In the long run neglecting quality does not save time
  • Transparency and visibility to the client throughout will give them insight into the value the practices are adding
  • Use optional pair programming as an alternative to group code reviews to encourage developers to pair
  • Teamviewer for remote pairing
  • Write unit tests for at least the code with the highest business value, the core.