JCrete2013:Simplifying Java Development

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Simplifying Java Development
Convenor: Chris Richardson
  • Chris Newland
  • Giorgos Saslis
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Day 2 Session 1 - Simplifying Java Development - JCrete2013

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Comparing Java with NodeJS -- adding modules to projects Complication of installing different components on a system Spring vs. Jersey - Examining how 'easily' Ruby on Rails projects are generated - convention gives simplicity, but concern expressed for understandability ClearDataBuilder - an example of a code generator project that 'gets you started' quickly discussion on code generation as the answer to a quicker start of a project looking at different frameworks and how they approach the 'simplicity' issue (spring boot, spring root, scalatra, ...) dependency management (ivy, maven, gradle) enforcing 'convention' (e.g. apple) vs. free choice in the Java world integration between different frameworks making simple code might avoid the need for so much documentation (motive for developers project documentation important for bringing people on board


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