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Convenor: Andres Almiray
  • Marcus Schulte
  • Stelios Ntilis
  • Andres Almiray
  • Marek Nowicki
Day 2, Session 1 - Groovy tools - JCrete2013

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We saw some examples of the following Groovy tools

Spock Framework: testing framework

Geb: web functional testing

Gradle: build tool

Spock is a testing framework that simplifies writing tests, particularly data driven ones.Other advantages include the usage of @Unroll and @Stepwise annotations. The first expands variable placeholders on method names, making them more accurate in describing what they do. The second annotation enforces execution order of methods, exactly as they are defined in the source code. It also ensures that the state of the last executed method is carried over to the next, thus simplifying setup in functional tests.

Geb was used to demonstrate functional testing of a Grails application. Geb is an abstraction on top of webdriver. It can work with JUnit, Easyb or Spock.

Finally we covered simple gradle build files. These files shown that migrating from maven when the build is fairly standard is simply a breeze. Managing multi project builds with gradle is also much simpler.


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