JCrete2013:Design wars: OO vs performance compromises

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Design wars: OO vs performance compromises
Convenor: Herman Lintvelt
  • Herman
  • Yakof
  • Heinz
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Design wars: OO vs performance compromises - JCrete2013

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  • Discussed potential conflict/perceived conflict between OO design and performance optimizations
  • seems to be mostly in infrastructure and integration layers
  • good layering of app helps localize extend of performance issue/problem - easier to improve
  • one problem might be that we start to code from data side, easier to understand
  • we should be looking at use cases, and designing for that
  • kind of problems include creating too many objects, too many fine-grained calls over interface - design patterns can help
  • naive tuning can lead to close coupling/less flexiility and readibilty
  • make sure to analyse the behaviour of the system for required use cases
  • Design using use cases, i.e. do not only design static (class diagrams) model
  • make use of Design Patterns