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Will this compile? Creative Language (ab)usage
Convenor: Marc Hoffman
  • Thomas Darimont
  • Heinz Kabutz
  • Maxi Kabutz
  • Jesper Udby
  • Ignasi Marimon-Clos i Sunyol
  • Dmitry Vyazelenko
  • Chris Newland
Day 3, Session 1 - Creative language abusage - JCrete2013

Free content media streamed from Wikimedia Commons

Download: .ogg

Disclaimer: None of the code snippets discussed in this sessions are considered useful at all.

We discussed several code snippets (ab)using the Java language to create confusing code example or draw nice ASCII arts. Also Thomas demonstrated new possibilities in Java 8 like inheriting a static main method from an interface.

The examples shown by Marc are available at GitHub.