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Code Reviews
Convenor: Rabea Gransberger, Mattias Karlsson
  • Rabea Gransberger
  • Mattias Karlsson
  • Maurice Naftalin
  • John Kostaras
  • Angelo D'Agnano
  • Ice Penov
  • Richard Barry
  • Giorgos Saslis
  • ...
Code_Reviews - JCrete2013

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Reasons for doing code reviews

  • Finding bug
  • Same style of code
  • Learn to write better code
  • Pair programming
  • Designing the system
  • Collective code ownership

Two major reasons for doing code reviews:

  • Finding bugs / improving code
  • Learning the code / team learning


  • No managers in the room
  • Review some open source code

Tooling that could be used.

  • Find bugs
  • Gerrit (but no one in the room has tried it, only for git)
  • Check style
  • Review board
  • Sonar
  • Smart Bear

New ideas:

  • Add “tip of the day” to you IDE, which is showing is pointing to new style guidelines or very good code you want everybody to know about.


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