Pre-workshop survey

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Pre-Workshop Survey

  • What is the likelihood you will be pursuing a job in academia or industry?
    • A. Academia; Industry; Both
  • Do you have different versions of your resume based on your career goals?
    • A. Yes / No
  • How comfortable are you with regard to interviews? (1-10, where 10 is highest)
  • Rank the Top 3 Areas that you Need Practice and Support
  1. Employer Research (i.e., culture, fit, responsibilities)
  2. Resume Development & Targeting
  3. Getting the interview (i.e., applicant tracking systems, networking, raising visibility / profile)
  4. Preparing for the interview (i.e., what is known, unknown)
  5. Interview strategies (i.e., what to say, managing stress)
  6. Post-Interview Followup (i.e., next actions, managing expectations)
  • Are you working with recruiters and/or placement agencies for jobs in your field of interest?
    • Yes / No
  • Any comments you would like to share?
    • Yes / No

Notes for Participants

  • Print and bring two (2) copies of your resume. If you have more than one (1) resume, then bring those printed / hardcopy versions as well.
  • Print and bring two (2) copies of a recent job advertisement / description you wish to pursue. (i.e., go to Indeed or to find it)
  • Laptops, tablets and electronic devices OK - as long as they don't interfere with attention to instructor, group participation.
    • The instructor reserves the right to ask you to set aside your device.
    • No texting / emailing / web surfing / posting during the workshop. A short texting break may be provided.
  • Bring a pen and paper.