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Interview Smarts: Proven Techniques for Standing Out from the Competition and Getting the Job You Want (or Deserve)


Date: Friday, October 13 Time: 10-12 or 10:30-12:30 - pizza lunch to follow

Mastering the interview process is a challenge for post-docs and seasoned pros alike. Getting past applicant tracking systems, positioning yourself in the hiring manager's mind and successfully preparing for behavioral interviews and cultural fit are all part of the mix.

Randy Fisher will lead and facilitate a dynamic interactive workshop to give you the inside track for successful interviews. He'll share practical examples for answering behavioral interview questions and navigating cultural and organizational challenges. Randy will give you a great tool for managing stress on-the-fly, and help you in leveraging your transferable skills and record of accomplishment to get meaningful jobs.

Successful interviewing is a skill that CAN be learned and mastered - and Randy will deliver an experiential workshop to encourage and support you in the next stages of your career development.

His website:

See Randy's LinkedIn Profile:


  • Friday, Oct. 13, 2017 - 10 -12 noon - pizza lunch to follow
  • Dress - smart casual


  • TVET OER Workshop Guide - Ishan

Classroom Format - Requirements

  • U shaped format
  • Projector
  • Net ID?

Transferable Skills

  • See List: +
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving / decision-making
  • proposal development + report-writing
  • positioning
  • personal / comm's skills
  • facilitation / stakeholder engagement
  • reading the tea leaves / political
  • organizational cutlure
  • no judgment or self-doubt - stings, criticism
  • safe environment

Subject Matter Expertise

  • lots

Barriers to Success

  • Office Politics
  • Budget / expertise
  • Personality fit
  • Cultural / political -
    • we don't do that here / we 'can't do'"
    • different languages, processes, departments - speak different languages

+ Lack of facilitation / adoption skills


  • why do you do that?
  • mental / physical rehearsal
  • special situations
  • nonverbal, body language
  • dress
  • inhabit your resume

"It's a process to become a better communicator. You've got to be transformed into being a better communicator (4:10 ish). You've gotta go through steps. It's like going to the gym. Only, it's a lot more fun than going to the gym because it involves CONNECTING with the other person."

Pre-Workshop Survey

Slides / Outline

  1. Inferview Smarts
  2. Today's Workshop
  3. About Randy
  4. Activity: Why Do you Do (3x)
    1. Positive, Relaxed, Confident
  5. Who Are Post-Docs?
    1. Highly-Skilled, Achievers
    2. Critical Thinkers
    3. Problem-Solvers
    4. Researchers, Writers, Collaborators
  6. Other Transferable Skills
  7. Academic vs. Business
    1. Problems, Challenges
  8. Connecting the Dots
  9. Positioning & Packaging
  10. Why Should I Hire You (video)
  11. Behavioral Interviews
    1. 50 Standard Interview Questions
    2. Interesting Questions
  12. CAR Stories
    1. Use Verbs, Quantify
      1. Academic Research
      2. Business / Industry
  13. The Path Ahead: Your "Job"