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Course Syllabus - Interview Skills

Hi Everyone,

The Course Syllabus is available here -

Looking forward to meeting you!

- Prof. Fisher

Provide your Email Addresses (Personal & ScarletMail) & Phone Number

Hi Everyone,

I have created a Google Document - for your Email Addresses (ScarletMail and Personal) as well as the best Number to reach you.

This information will allow me to contact you directly - as the course proceeds.

Many thanks!

- Prof. Fisher

Bring Job Posting Ad to 1st Class (and Recent Resume)

Hi Everyone,

The Interview Skills class is designed to be practical, experiential, hands-on....and fun!

In the week leading up to the class, please start looking at the job ads on or company websites, and identify a job posting / advertisement that you are interested in AND believe that you could do. (i.e., you've got 7/10 of the criteria / requirements) and/or the transferable skills.

Please bring a copy of the job ad to class - and also take a picture of it for safekeeping. 

Also, bring along the most recent copy of your resume. (Don't worry if it is not up-to-date - we will simply be using it to refresh your memory!)


​​​​​​​- Prof. Fisher

Computers OK for 1st Class

Hi Everyone,

Please bring your computers for the 1st class only - we'll be using them to write up your bios.

Also, be sure to have a picture (headshot) ready so you can drop it into the document.

​​​​​​​- Prof. Fisher

Class Starts this Saturday - 1-3:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

Class is starting this Saturday - thought I'd give you a few days' notice!

- Prof. Fisher

No Textbook is Required for this Course

Hi Everyone,

There is NO Required textbook for this course. Instead, we will be using available articles, videos and open education resources.

READINGS ARE REQUIRED!! You can review the content and readings here -

​​​​​​​- Prof. Fisher

Discussions in Navigation - Left Side of Screen

Hi Everyone -

The Discussions (blog post and replies) are on the left side of your screen - just under Modules.

Thanks -

Prof. Fisher

Video Posting - Set as Unlisted

Hi Everyone,

For the video interview, post it as a YouTube video as UNLISTED, and post the link in the MSFT word document?


And, also save the link - for when you submit the Final Paper - it has to go in there, as well.

See you on Saturday!

Requirements for the Oral Presentations

Hi Everyone, All of the Instructions are there:

You will note that I suggest 8-10 slides - and I give you specific guidance as to what to put on each slide.

Also, there are instructions for saving and emailing the final presentation to me, and to you - for backup and safekeeping.

Following instructions are an important part of this assignment - just as would be the case if you were applying for a job.

Also, while I value Presence, Personality and Performance, remember that this Oral Presentation is about SUBSTANTIVE CONTENT - after all this is an Oral Presentation of the Final Paper.


Next Class: NO Computers, Tablets, Electronic Devices or Phones

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to change the policy regarding electronic devices in class - after seeing that someone was watching a football game in class. How rude and disrespectful!

Many other people surf, text too - NOT ACCEPTABLE.

As of next class, there are to be NO Computers, Tablets, Phones or Electronic Devices in class. Keep them in your bag.

If you feel that you must use your device then you will be asked to leave the class, and your attendance will be recorded as an absence.

You may bring a pen / pencil and paper to take notes - and then after class take a photo of them, if you need to get them into a computer.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- Prof. Fisher

Master List of Links

Hi Everyone,

I will put the pertinent links to the course here - so that if you need to quickly Refer to them, here they are! Links on

Google Docs

Use Your Name to Identify Submitted Assignments

Hi Everyone,

Name your document with your Full Name in the Assignment - This is good practice for dealing with employers.

If they receive your documents and it says Week 1 - but no name on it, it will be hard for them to find it.

Use Your First Name Last Name Assignment Name - (i.e., Randy Fisher Blog Post 1)


Prof. Fisher

Add Extra Information to Sign Up Sheet

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be making groups shortly - and I'd like to have an easily viewable way of seeing the following information.

Can you go to the Class Email Sign Up Sheet - and fill in the following?

Year of Study - 1 - first year; 2 - second year, 3 - third year; 4 - fourth year

Major / Field of Study - enter info into the field - if you're not declared - just identify the area of your interest

Desired Job Title - this is the professional job you want to do - and is likely contained in the Job Advertisement you got from Indeed, Monster, etc.

Company / Organization - the name of the company / organization that the above job is for


Prof. Fisher

Reminder to Submit Blog Post by Wednesday, 11:55 pm

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that your 1st Blog Post is Due tonight - Wednesday @ 11:55 pm. Replies to your class Colleagues are Due on Friday by 11:55 pm.

The information about the blog post is available here -

This blog post and the others that follow, will help you develop the content required for your Final Paper.

To properly complete this Assignment, you must do two things: (1) Add a blog entry on Sakai; and (2) Copy your blog entry to an MS Word Document with your Full Name on it, and submit it as an Assignment in the Sakai Section for Assignments.






- Prof. Fisher

Weekly Content & Readings

Hi Everyone,

Do the readings at this link -

Be sure to bookmark the link.

- Prof. Fisher

About Video Presentations

Hi Everyone,

Here is an answer I gave to one of your classmates about the Video Presentation. He wanted to know if it was important to mention location (No, it is not) and he wanted to know about sharing strengths and weaknesses.


If you are being interviewed by a hiring manager, which is what this is, they will know where you are from. You have to introduce yourself in a way that is similar to what we've done in class - and share how your strengths correspond to the job.

I wouldn't highlight weaknesses at this point.

Also - go for 60 seconds.

Planning Ahead: Wearing the Right Clothes

As per the Syllabus - the 1st weekly assignment is due on April 14 - the video interview of "Tell Me About Yourself". See the instructions here:

Would you go to an interview without a suit? Probably not.

How do you think you would you be perceived? Probably in a number of ways, and not entirely positive. Even programmers (the most casual roles going, have to dress up / play the part).

If you wear a shirt (pressed), tie and sports jacket - that will be acceptable.

The first assignment is not due until April 14 - nearly 11 days away - which is enough time to find something / borrow it.

Content from Info Interviews Required in Final Paper

Hi Everyone,

You will notice in the syllabus that there is a requirement for Information Interviews for your desired job  / target employer - but no assignment due date for them.

This is because the content from the Information Interviews is REQUIRED in your Final Paper.

True, there will be opportunities to share what you've learned in class, but I'll be looking for content and insights in your Final Paper.

- Prof. Fisher

Bring to Class

Hi Everyone,

Please bring the following to class:

  • Computer - for researching purposes
  • Job Description / Advertisement - for your desired job / organization.
  • Your Resume
  • Transferable Skills document you worked on
  • CAR Stories (at least 3)

You will be referring to / using these throughout the course.


- Prof. Fisher

Missed 1st Class - How to Get Started

If you missed our 1st class, you can still get started and up to speed by doing the following:

  1. Review the Course Syllabus on WikiEducator -
  2. Set up Sakai to receive notifications
  3. Review all of the Class Announcements on Sakai or WikEducator -
  4. Add your Email & Phone Numbers to the Email Sign Up Sheet -
  5. Complete the Mini-Bio (after you receive the link and access to Google Drive / Docs)
    1. Make a COPY of the document that says: "First Name Last Name Mini Bio"
    2. Save it with Your First Name Last Name
    3. Complete it
    4. Place It in the Mini-Bio_ORIG folder - You will see your classmates bios in the folder.
  6. Review the slides in Google Doc Folder - Week 1
  7. Do the appropriate readings for Week 1 - Full List on WikiEducator -
  8. Familiarize yourself with the Weekly Themes for Blog Posting & Replies -
  9. Do the Week 1 Homework - this includes Blog Posts & Replies
    1. Make sure to create and post an initial blog entry on Sakai AND submit it also as a MS Word Document in the Assignments section.
  10. In-Class Participation (quality & substantive) is Expected and Rewarded - We are a Live, Real-Time Interview Lab
  11. Introduce yourself to the Professor in Class
    1. If you wish to speak with me before class, I hold office hours via telephone / online computer session
    2. Make sure to suggest possible days / times; provide your phone number; ensure your computer is available and logged in so we can start quickly.
  12. (Comment.gif: Since this is only a 5-Week Course, a 2nd absence will put you at serious risk of failing (unless you are able to produce a doctor's note for the 1st absence)).