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(Comment.gif: An affordable, user-friendly e-book with hyperlinked content is available: Interview Skills: Guidebook and Reader: An Essential Resource for Career Success (PDF). )

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Week 1 - Course introduction / Syllabus review

The Interviewing Skills course is intended to help you showcase your personality, strengths, interests, and abilities to potential employers. At this stage of your career exploration, you will have (or plan to) researched and targeted appropriate jobs and marketed yourself to these employers with an attention-getting resume and cover letter.

(Comment.gif: While we cover CAR Stories briefly in Week 1, we will explore them in greater detail in Week 2.)

  • Discussions for Week 1 focus on "Tell Me About Yourself"

Week 1 + Week 2 - Pre-Interview: Research Thyself, Research Employers

Research Your Background, Skills & Experience

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Tip: A vital, often overlooked part of the interview process is researching your own background, skills and experience to create stories that succinctly communicated what you've achieved in quantifiable and qualitative terms, who it has impacted, and why it was important. These are called CAR Stories (Challenge, Action, Results).

Week 3 - Critical Success Factors for Interviews

The interviewing stage of your job search is where you will have an opportunity to convince employers that you are the right person they are looking for! You need a plan of action - you must take the initial steps necessary to help you prepare for that exciting, yet often anxiety-producing interview that lies ahead.

These article describes techniques and tactics to study prior to your first interview and differentiates between competency and behavioral answers. For example, click on Top 10 Critical Success Factors to learn about personality traits, skills, and abilities that "nearly every employer is seeking." To rise above the competition, the author suggests to prepare to show your competence in as many areas as possible. Links are listed that lead to many relevant articles such as the ones below."

Week 4 - The Interview Process & Types of Interviews

Every step in the job search journey you have taken so far has brought you to this stage: the interview process. You have probably sent out gazillions of resumes that reflect your education, experience, and career goals to potential employers of interest to you. You now have been invited to visit a company and convince the interviewers that you are the perfect person for the job! This unit offers resources to help you optimize the brief time you will spend with interviewers to learn more about their expectations, to convince them that you are the best fit for the job, and to determine whether acceptance of an offer would help you accomplish your career goals. Video on Youtube.

Week 4 OR 5 - Negotiating salary and compensation

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Tip: Speaking up too quickly about salary requirements can be costly. Try to save that conversation for when you are offered the job - in writing!