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In an organisation there will be people responsible for managing the web site. For a small site this may be assigned to one person, whereas n a large site there may be many people involved with quite specialised knowledge.

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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand the range of web site management tasks

An organisation should create an Website management team consisting of people representing key areas of your organisation. For many organisations this might include people from the following areas:

  • management
  • marketing/promotions
  • sales
  • training
  • administration
  • operations/the front counter/shop floor
  • information services/technology

The following is a possible agenda for the meetings of the e-business management team. Add and subtract items according to your circumstances.

  • Report on actions arising from the previous meeting
  • Outcomes this period – successes, benefits, costs
  • Content update – additions, deletions, editing and quality issues
  • Marketing and promotion – usage, feedback
  • Resources report – budget, staff training, time
  • Technology issues – speed, equipment
  • Risk management review – new risks, security and legal issues
  • Actions arising from this meeting

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