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Welcome to Facilitator Exchange!

You are invited to contribute to the development of these pages.

Purpose of Facilitator Exchange

The purpose of the exchange is to discuss how to co-facilitate the workshops via WE and live online meetings.

  • Provide assistance to participants
  • Facilitate meetings

Moodle for Teachers (M4T)

Please add the content from the Moodle as decided at the live online meeting on December 30, 2009.


Let's see if we can brain storm here and decide when to meet in real time online.

  • To me it can be today (28) or tomorrow, my night (Mexico)

I'm available (-8 hrs GMT) for sessions. What is the topic of our brainstorming? </div>

Topic - How to co-facilitate

Team formation

The team formation seems to be coming along somewhat. Can we possibly open up the sandboxes early (for those who are on their "second pass" through the workshop), so we can better orient the "newbies"?

Yes, I think this is very important. We should start the teaming process in the first week so participants can get started working in their sandboxes as soon as possible. How do you suggest we do this? </div> Do we start the sandboxes and let members join as they see fit or do we let them organize themselves in teams as they wish and then open up the  sandboxes? We did it in two ways last time; via discussion forums and via group choice. Which would vote for or is there another alternative? my thoughts - create sandboxes (based on the forum topics already suggested) and let members join their preferred group - I think many people have already chosen their teams -- E.G., Using Moodle to Teach English "http://www.integrating-technology.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=754">

Using Moodle to teach computer concepts to adult "raw" beginnersWhat we need is to make sure that the teams are even in numbers - groups of 12, 13 sounds fine...I added a choice for teams. Hello Jenni, Gladys! It's Ludmilla My college starts after Jan 18th. So -- I am more flexible before that time. But --- my 2 y.o grand-daughter is staying with us till the New Year's eve. 

I am wondering how I can assist with facilitation for this course? 
I have extensive Moodle and teaching knowledge but as this is the first time I have been involved with the course/team I don't have a clear understaning of how the team has worked previously and what content is going to be covered in this course. A good point/topic for our further discussion, Jenni! I am a 'big picture' visual type learner so an overview of what you have done previously (eg: M4T1 & M4T2) or on overview of how you see this course would help me understand and be able to see what bits I might be able to contribute. Agree! That's what we need to brainstorm about "a big picture!" What we want our learners to take away from this workshop/course.
Nellie  - I was thinking of dividing the participants among the facilitators; say 20 each or two teams for each facilitator
Jenni - Sounds good to me.  I would be keen to work with the following groups - 1/ <a href="http://www.integrating-technology.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=774"><font Moodle for professional Development</font></a> and 2/ <a href="http://www.integrating-technology.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=754">Using Moodle to teach computer concepts to adult "raw" beginners</a>. 

With 165 participan Do we want/need to create groups within the main M4T course as well?

Shall we have whole class live meetings and what those meetings will be about? or will the facilitators run live meetings with their teams after we, facilitators, agree what and how we will facilitate the team work and then collaborate, facilitate their work in the sandboxes?  </font> </div>

In Teams -- Shall we discuss an individual course design or will the teams design a course that will combine the content they pick and the tools they will learn or feel comfortable with

it seems that teams need facilitation by an external facilitator. We should discuss and formulate, as Jenni put it, a big picture of what this workshop is all about and how it will be run, write it up, deliver it to the participants on the first live session I like the idea of separate meetings for each facilitator/teams. It can be done via the Moodle. Nellie, I don't think dividing participants among the facilitators will result in effective learning.  Why because, each one of us may not be that good at online facilitation. I believe Cooperative and Collaborative facilitation will benefit learners rather than individual mentoring. What do you say? However, we need to we are going to play or divide facilitation activities not participants Indira, one of the comments made by M4T-2 moodlers was that facilitators should overview the teams' sandboxes to make sure the team was managing. At the outset we need to identify strengths and skills each of us embed. Say for example, individual members can contribute to for improving the effectiveness of M4T-3. Anne: I am flexible and since this is my first facilitation with this large of a group, I am open to suggestions as well.

Meeting availability



First Team Meeting Set and Invitations Sent Out

News Announcements

Please add the announcements here.

Deadline for the Team Choice Activity (Sandboxes)

Hello Moodlers,

For your information, the deadline for the team choosing activity (which is in the pre-course section of M4T-3 workshop) is January 4 at 11.59 PST (check your time zone). Those who have not made their choices will be un-enrolled from M4T-3. However, everyone is welcome to join M4T-4.

Have a great 2010!!!

The Facilitators of M4T-3.