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Image courtesy of Wildcat Dunny


Following is an activity that should take you about 2 hours in total. You will learn how to:

  • download an audio file '
  • play audio on a computer or portable player
  • search for and download images with appropriate copyrights
  • create and publish a slide show based on an audio file
  • post the links on a blog


  • Now find images that are related to the locations and subject matter in the audio
  • Create a slide presentation out of the images and upload the finished work to Slideshare or your preferred web service for publishing images
NB, make sure you source images that have clear copyright statements that permit you to use the images, or get permission from the copyright holder. A good place to source images with permissions to reuse is flickr's Creative Commons library (be sure to credit original authors)
  • post a link to the podcast you used and a link to your published slideshow presentation on the Adventure Tour Guiding blog
  • Then email your lecturer that you have done this

Be sure to watch the videos under Supporting Resources - they will help you and explain more about what you are doing and why

Supporting resources