Information and communication technology for Tour Guides

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This unit is used in the following courses


Students will receive an understanding of the skills and duties involved for tour guides in a tourism organisation.



  • Information communication technology for tour guiding

Learning/Teaching Strategies/Methods

Identify how you are going to facilitate student learning

Fieldtrips, DVD presentation, roleplays, group work, individual projects, simulations, practical service, demonstrations


• Scenarios • Interpretation Plans • Roleplays • Written assessments/test • Casestudies • Peer review

Student Reading List

  • Course web logs, learning and assessment activities
  • Hall, M. C. (2003). Introduction to tourism: Dimensions and issues. (4th ed). Australia: Pearson Education Pty Limited.


  • road
  • topographic
  • GPS, locator beacon, compass
  • map software online

Using the Internet

  • research
  • voice over IP and instant messaging
  • basic publishing on the internet
  • 3D virtual worlds

Multi Media

  • podcasting and video casting
  • portable media players
  • taking and editing digital photos
  • basic layout software


  • teleconferencing
  • two way radio/phones
  • PA system
  • Hands free

Information Communication

  • promotions, marketing and advertising