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A Google Map


  • Use Google Maps to find a street address.
  • View a Google map in satellite and hybrid view, adjust view and centre location, and copy the map URL for use in email.
  • Use Community Walk to create a map that marks 5 locations and copy the URL for the map.
  • Use Wikimapia to source AND create information about a location.


For this activity you will need to make copies of your screen at key points and paste those copies into a word processor. In short: Ctrl + Print Scrn key will copy the screen; Ctrl + v key will paste the screen copy. In detail: Look at your keyboard, find the Ctrl key and find the Print Scrn key. The Print Scrn key is usually with the F1-12 keys, or above the number pad. When you are ready to take a copy of your screen you simply hold down the Ctrl key, then press the Print Scrn key once. (If you are on a laptop, the print screen key and key strokes may vary). With the screen now copied to your clip board, open the word processor, place the cursor in the place you would like the screen copy to appear, and hold the Ctrl key again and then press the V key. This will paste the screen copy on your document.

Using Google Maps

  1. Go to the Google Maps website and search for a street address. For example: Forth Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. Take a screen copy and paste it in a word processor.
  2. View the location in Hybrid view, use the zoom and pan tools to position the map to your liking and take another copy of your screen and paste it in your document under the last image. This is to show that you have worked out how to position and view the map in Hybrid form (shows the street detail with the satellite image).
  3. Right click the "Link to this page" and copy the link or shortcut to paste in your document under the last map.
  4. Now, click the "get directions" button and add a second street address in the box. Now click get directions again and take a copy of the results on the screen, and paste it in your document.

Using Community Walk

  1. View the Community Walk Website and click the Tourism example in the tutorials section.
  2. Go back to the home page and add a location in the Getting Started section. Preferably a location you know something about, then click the "get started" button.
  3. Move through the next screen, please choose "publish" so the teacher can see your finished map.
  4. When you have given you map a name and you are looking at the street map view of your location, look for the "Click here to add your first marker to the map!" link and use it to add a marker to a place of interest in your location. NB. After clicking this link you can just click on your map to add the marker.
  5. Add at least 5 markers on your map and enter information about each place of interest in the speech bubble. Be sure to click "Show Special Functions" in the speech bubble, and see if you can work out what that means. That's right! you can add pictures, video, audio and multiple windows to your marker!
  6. Look through the tabs at the top of your map and get to know the other features. When you are happy with your map, copy the screen and past it in your document.
  7. Click the "Share/Export" tab and then click "link to this map". Copy the URL link and paste it under the screen copy in your document
  8. Consider signing up to CommunityWalk so you can claim your map and make changes later.

Using Wikimapia

  1. Watch this video demonstrating the features of Wikimapia.
  2. Go to the wikimapia website and find a place of interest to you. If there is a box around your place of interest, click it and take a copy of the screen and paste it in your document.
  3. Add a place of interest yourself, and calculate the land area and/or distance from one point to another using the Geotools in Wikimapia. Take a copy of the screen with your box open and paste it in your document. Add the land area or distance details.

How would you use these maps as a tour guide?

  1. In your document, above all the screen copies, write a few words that outline the ideas you have for how you might use these tools in your work as a tour guide.
  2. Attached your finished document to an email to your teacher.

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