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The demand for evolving a National Qualification Frame work for India is very high. It is being actively discussed at different venues. UGC's Higher Education Information Systems Project, launched in 2004, among other things, aims at a National Qualification Framework.

The National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU) established to strengthen and upgrade the Technician Education (Polytechnic) System in the country, two Technician Education Projects, Tech. Ed.- I and Tech Ed.-II with external assistance were started in 1990 and 1991 in 19 States/ Union Territory (UT) covering about 532 Polytechnics, had gone a further step ahead by releasing a document on NATIONAL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATION FRAMEWORK.

NCERT has developed National Curriculum Framework for classes up to 12th. National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC) is looking after Assessment and Accreditation matters.

Now what requiring is efforts for effective coordination of these initiatives and increased dialogues among these different national agencies plus Universities, State Governments etc to facilitate the development of a common database of Qualification, Assessment and Accreditation framework.

As the world has already commenced its shift towards Transnational Curriculum, we are really in short of time to complete the National framework so that we can effectively participate in the development of the Transnational framework.

Indian WikiEducators have moral commitment to assist this national initiative since the national qualifications framework is highly necessary to speed up the WE content development process to attain the free version of educational curriculum by 2015; that is, realization of our supreme objective.

This is a WE community space for online discussions and support to the National Agencies that are involved in the development of a National Qualifications Framework for India. Please add your views, suggestions and experiences here...

Views, suggestions and experiences

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