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FIRST MEETING : Inaugural Meeting

The India Chapter of WikiEducator was inaugurated on 15/11/2008 at 2.30PM at India International Centre, New Delhi by Dr. M.S Swaminathan, Honorable Member of Parliament and eminent Agricultural Scientist, in the presence of Shri. Jainder Singh IAS, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The meeting was chaired by Dr. R. Sreedher, Director CEMCA.


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The launching of the Wikieducator India Chapter is a significant landmark in our goal to achieve “Literacy for All” through Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan. This pioneering initiative of the Commonwealth of Learning based on the principle of open and free access will mark the beginning of a new chapter in integrating e-learning with the traditional Indian educational value of considering knowledge as a common human heritage. I am confident that the launch of Wikieducator in India will accelerate the progress of a literacy and knowledge revolution in the country.

M S Swaminathan


Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, India

"...An apparently extraordinary trend of “Giving Knowledge for Free” is emerging. Although learning resources are often considered as key intellectual property in a competitive higher education world, more and more institutions and individuals are sharing digital learning resources over the Internet openly and without cost, as open educational resources (OER).

Wiki Educator was already providing educators with a platform to develop open education resources and post free-to-use educational content. The India chapter will now put information in the Indian context..."

Download the complete speech (PDF) from here...


  1. Download the presentation of Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Founder of WikiEducator
  2. Download the presentation by Dr. Savithri Singh, Member of WikiEducator Council.

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