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Wikispecies is a free species directory closely related to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is being written collaboratively by its readers and is always a work in progress. In this activity you will browse the Wikispecies entries that already exist as well as create one of our own for a plant that has not yet been added to the project.

  1. View the Wikispecies project and search for a common plant species until you find an entry. Have a look at the entry you have found to get an idea of what you are going to create.
  2. If you are not familiar with wikis, read through the Wikispecies help page and follow the tutorials until you feel more confident with the idea of creating a page.
  3. Create an account with Wikispecies and make a note of your username to send to your teacher. Remember your password for next time you want to log in.
  4. Find a local plant species that does not yet have an entry in the project and create the page for it. To do this, first search for the plant. If the page for the plant you are looking for does not exist the wiki will ask you if you would like to create the page. Click that option to start. For this activity you are only required to add the Familia, Genus and Species but if you are feeling confident, go further :) Finally, take a photograph or make an illustration of the plant and add it to the page. TIP: Find a page that you like. Click edit for the page and follow the code that is used to create your own page entry.
  5. Email the link for your finished page to your teacher

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