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Icon activity.jpg Activity
At this point you should have collected data for one or more masses in the experiment. If not please return to the experiment or contact your facilitator.
  • Record the mass and displacement for several masses in the data table below. You can leave a space for the weight by separating the mass from the displacement with two commas.
  • When you are finished you can look into analyzing your data. Note you may want to communicate with your group before proceeding.

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Tip: There will be several group members recording their data in this table so don't be alarmed if the masses that you used already appear. Continue entering your data as if they did not exist and please don't remove recorded data.

Lidc002 graph.png
Mass (kg) Weight (N) Displacement (m)
0.050 .0175 0.35
.230 .1173 0.51
.360 .234 .65

Slope=0.689 Constant=1.45

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Tip: Having difficulty recording your data in the table above? Check out a quick tutorial on adding data to simple tables.