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The easiest way to create a new page on the wiki is to create an internal wiki link that points to the page you wish to create. When you follow a red link (indicating that a page does not yet exist), you can add content to it, thus creating the page.

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Tip: If you want to create a new page but are not sure where it will eventually go in the scheme of your larger content, use your User page or Sandbox as a kind of holding space for the link to new content; later you add this link into your project to point to this page. Remember if there is no link from an existing page to your new page, you may have difficulty finding it again.

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There are two categories of links, each with a range of options for displaying the hyperlink-text to the reader:
  1. Internal page links always use two square brackets ([[...]])
    • The Wiki software will search for the page in the data base and if it exists in WikiEducator, the link will automatically appear as a blue hyperlink in the published view;
    • If this is a new page, the link will appear in red in the published view, alerting users that content must still be generated for this new page in the wiki
    • When you want to display a different text to the actual name of the page in the wiki, use the piped "|" divider (SHIFT + BACKSLASH on English-layout and other keyboards), for example: [[Name_of_page_in_Wikieducator|Enter user-display text here]]. We call this a piped link.
  2. External page links always use single square brackets ([...]) to distinguish them from internal links.
    • If you want the external link to appear as a numbered reference, you simply enter the url for the external page like this: [] which will show the link to the homepage of the Commonwealth of Learning like this [1].
    • If you want to display a different text (piped link)rather than a numbered reference, we use a space (instead of the "|" divider), for example [ Commonwealth of Learning] which will appear like this: Commonwealth of Learning

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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