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Try it out! Adding a new video to your user page should only take a couple of minutes.

Icon activity.jpg Activity
  1. click the Collaborative Video link in the toolbox in the left-hand sidebar or here.
  2. read the instructions on the page that is created
  3. scroll down and click in the 'title' textfield
  4. enter a title for your new video
  5. click on the 'summary' textfield for your new video
  6. enter a description for the new video
  7. move to the Generate Tag button and click
  8. highlight the new text that appears (after some time) in the textfield below the Generate Tag button.
  9. copy the new text
  10. click on the link to your user page (near the person icon at the top of the the wiki page).
  11. click on the edit tab on your user page.
  12. paste the text from the collaborative video page into your user page
  13. preview the addition to your user page
  14. save your work when you are satisfied.

Congratulations, you should now have added a new video that is ready for editing to your user page! If that did not go so well, we can show you how.