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An in-service presentation will be held outlining the current policy and practice in the hospital and introducing the revised UP policy.

  • • During the in-service a pre-test will be given to evaluate current perceptions of the UP.
    * Case studies will be presented with evidence from the studies about actual cases of WSS, and causes and contributing factors to those cases.
  • • Statistics and outcomes of WSS events will be revealed.
  • • Copies of the former and new UP policies will be given to each person attending the in-service and comparisons of each will be detailed.
  • • Case studies of commonly used unsafe practices and how they contribute to WSS will be outlined.
  • • A demonstration of the correct marking technique will be given. Also hands-on practice stations will be provided to practice the correct marking technique of various potential surgical sites on mannequins.
  • • Examples of the proper patient identify/verifiers will be displayed: 1) patient history and physical, 2) informed consent with proper procedure, site/side, and level, 3) surgical consent with proper procedure, site/side, and level, 4) patient armband, 5) surgery schedule with correct procedure, site, side, and level, 6) doctor’s order for surgery.
  • • Demonstration of current time-out procedure will be shown in contrast to the newly revised time-out procedure.
  • • A question and answer/brainstorming session will take place for questions or concerns